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like scattered leaves

I've pretty much fallen off of the earth. it's no good.
I'm trying to get back. we'll see how well this works.
my mom got facebook, which is probably one of the cutest things I have ever heard of. seriously, what an awesome lady.
the weather is ridiculous. it's so fucking nice out the past week. I love it. I wish I was in Texas and actual nice weather existed. lame.

I had a horrifying dream last night that Cam and I broke up because he decided his ex girlfriend was perfect for him but she was dating someone else so he was going to kill himself. it was horrid. I really did not enjoy.
all of my professors are getting sick so my classes keep getting canceled and I'm getting a lot of reading done. it's pretty rad. wicked rad.

my car hasn't been washed since my parents moved. poor Tenoch is oh, so dirty.
I need air in the tires of my bitchin' bike.
I'm a very lazy little girl.

I miss everyone.
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