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"You would see things that would blow your mind for less than the price of a sandwich"

Yesterday was a movie.
it started with me waking up fully dressed, contacts still in and really goddamn hung over. I woke up randomly just before Julia came to my house which was at 8.
We left and went to Sara's for pre-BSD pancakes. I only had one jello shot because I was going to throw up if I had anything to drink. It was so much fun though, I chatted with a lot of people.
finally we made our way to the university after Sara shotgunned her first beer, it was one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time.
when we got into the beer gardens it all came. There was dancing, drinking, peeing in terrifying port-a-potties, a lot of comments on my hair, more dancing, meeting millions of people, and on and on.
I stayed until the end and left with Justin and his friends to go to a house party. It was probably the best house party I could have ever fathomed. The house was amazing, first of all. We listened to the Supremes in their amazing living room that had hammocks, a ridiculous amount of drums, a killer sound system that had two record players and plants all over the place. Richard and his friend Mike came and I talked to them for a really long time. And from about midnight until two a.m. Justin and I watched everybody, it was a tv show. We had hardcore character development and some pretty awesome attempts to get laid. Our main characters were The Sloppy Blow Job, Willem Defoe and Buster (from Arrested Development). When the guitars came out we sang and sat by a fire. The Sloppy Blow Job was wasted off of her face and sang with every song but it was mostly just "ahhuuhahahhh" coming from her, she was also eating a twig. There was also a guy playing the banjo and singing rap songs, it was ridiculously amazing.
I talked to Richard and Justin for the night and found out a lot about Richard's trip to Thailand, which was amazing.
There was a lot of gay chicken going on.
There were a number of other events that contributed to this being such an amazing night, but they're really fucked up. haha.

I know, at least for now, this is for the best. It's dangerous and scary, but it's what we both want. I'm pretty sure that that was all vague and sketchy, but I'm pretty sure that it's all true.
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