taryn? (admission) wrote,

it's times like this when you just close your eyes and kiss

I pretty much forgot about this. maybe it would make me feel better right now. just to talk.
for the first time in a long time I don't know really who I am.

I need a new picture for this.

I am at work and I am super bored. I have watched a four episodes of The Office, which I love. I am just bored and confused. blah blah blah.

I have become super adorable, on the plus side. my new amazing friend Katherine makes me happy. I love hanging out with her. Also, in general life is good. so I kind of feel like I am putting all of this confusion on so I have something to bitch about.. at least I worry I do that. I think it's school, too. I start analyzing my life in terms of communications theory and worry that if my narrative shifts then I have to reformulate my future narrative and I also worry that my previous narrative was a lie. maybe I should just stop thinking about it and/or just really think about Douglas Engelbart more because he does make a lot of sense to me. (see, it's all about the comms theory). I do love school and I am so scared of graduating because I don't want to become a real person.. so hopefully I can just go to grad school and resume my dorkiness soon.

last night was so much fun. I went and hung out with a lot of really awesome people and I got kind of drunk.. after sobering up from getting drunk earlier in the day. ha. I love Fridays.
I went to a "mixer" yesterday and it was super cute. there was karaoke. and adorable people. how nice.
tonight I will go hang out with Kat and see Gilgamesh La-Z-Boy. that will be super refreshing.
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