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there's more to it than I thought

I got back from a road trip with Lauren last night.
We went to BC to see most of our family. which was pretty cool.
we did stupid stuff and kept a log of things that were notable. but all in all it was a really badass trip.

I have a billion pictures that I will post some of soon.
I did get to see the first wildlife. it was the best. it was a baby bear eating.
and then later Laur almost drove over a deer because it was taking it's sweet ass time over the highway.
we also discovered that driving in a place inhabited with mostly old people is distressing.

I'm glad to be back in my own bed and I'm happy I'm doing laundry.
I've realized that Calgary is my home for now.
I'm going to Alaska to see my parents later this summer, but it's not home where they live.

also, I want to go camping more than anything. I realllllllllly want to. I'm going to make it happen, too.
I'm going to be semi-productive today.
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